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Safeguarded (04-13-2017)
You, the collective because I don’t remember who, told me:
Love with your whole soul.
A profound declaration for someone, presumably, who had not been through a break up before, nor anything close to dating –
Perhaps that was the key, you dated, loosely speaking, or freely forging connections:
The term nowadays is Polyamory, multiple amors to fulfill – or is it fill? (I’m still uncertain) –
your multifaceted personalities.
Love with your whole soul.
Not whole heart – though I’ve heard that too.
To wear your heart on your sleeve- because then there’s no confusion
of your intent – to love and the want to be loved.
I have never told anyone you said this to me – hoping to keep it close,
As I fear you were one of those “lost soul mates” – the ones you’re
Meant to love passionately but not passionately love.
I keep your advice in my heart of hearts. Because my soul is loving you
So comple
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Reflections (04.12.2017)
Careless and carefree I consumed copious compliments,
A recurring regret I find myself making continuously:
Only because I crave attention, really hope for retention
in the mind of those I meet, melded to their synapses:
a kind, kindred spirit – one with a purpose, purposefully
shaking hands, healthfully engaging in conversation,
converging on conventions – “hellos” and “dong fines” –
Fine in the face of adversity, adversely trying to be different
Yet fit in –inside this toxic construct:
Constructed – on constructing a personality purposefully deceitful –
Dying to shed the skin of professionalism and antiseptic success.
Unsuccessfully forging my path on my greener side of things –
Swinging daily between happiness and frustration – the face in
The mirror my own, ownership of my lies something I will not do.
Though I am due to tell some kind of truth – if only I could untie
My tongue and speak coherently, conve
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Mature content
Seasons (04-08-2017) :icone-h-indigo:E-H-Indigo 0 0
Emerging - Chapter 01: The Beginning by E-H-Indigo
Mature content
Emerging - Chapter 01: The Beginning :icone-h-indigo:E-H-Indigo 0 0
Sacrifices (02-06-2017)
        Hear me out before passing Judgement
        for that is the principle of our nation
        Innocent until proven guilty beyond
        a reasonable doubt: our peers the ones
        who pass
        our sentence in open trial.
       By law hearsay should be discounted
       evidence used against us obtained
       through warrant.
       Do I hope in vain for Justice
       in fading democracy?
       For what I see is brutality at
       any means defended
       at the cost of life, liberty and happiness.
:icone-h-indigo:E-H-Indigo 1 4
Illusion (05.12.2016)
        The first snow of the year brought me back
        to memories of you
        When we were caught in the rain
        and you let me borrow your clothes, while mine tumbled dry.
        What happened to that man; a person who had my back?
        Maybe we fell off track,   
        at high speed with your rejected confession -
        Even with my deep depression
        fear kept me from asking you to wait.
        Instead you moved ahead
        disregarding me after graduation
        as if I were  nothing but melting snow,
        a temporary friend not worth the time
        or effort it
:icone-h-indigo:E-H-Indigo 0 0
Millenium (Wobblly) Bridge (LDN 2011) by E-H-Indigo Millenium (Wobblly) Bridge (LDN 2011) :icone-h-indigo:E-H-Indigo 0 8
To David Jones (Tribute to David Bowie) 01.11.2016
    Soul sewn from stardust,
    return to the heavens that filled your heart with fire - for your words will be as
    timeless as the people you harbored in your being.
    Only a heart as filled with love as yours could conceive concepts with no label to be taken,
    a study of you can only be a kaleidoscope of passion loosing lyrics to guide
    the lost children from Neverland - so growing up wasn't a no man's land
    of unknown crises - for if you could blend the world like paints in your own
    everchanging canvas surely we could accept who we've always been.
    For as poignant as the lack of your presence is - your heart lives on in the myriad
    of musicians you have influenced - your voice not only memorialized in song
    but also on the silverscreen.
    It is you who showed us no Labyrinth is unnavigable.
:icone-h-indigo:E-H-Indigo 1 0
Mature content
Inner Demons 01.05.2017 :icone-h-indigo:E-H-Indigo 0 0
Shadows (01.04.2017)
        Heartache, You cannot be considered a heart mistake
        If I'm being honest the signs were easy to see
        Each day making less time with me
        slowly but surely cutting our emotional bond
        Putting motor to brick to rebuild the wall around your mind
        smiling, kissing as if we, as a couple, were fine;
        While I felt a coldness begin to seep inside my bones.
        But, you should not hold all the blame
        For I could have easily ended our tug of war game
        Instead I held on until that night,
        when after sex you gave up the fight -
        You told me we would still be friends, how wrong you were
:icone-h-indigo:E-H-Indigo 1 0
8 Facts - Cambridge Holly Andromeda by E-H-Indigo 8 Facts - Cambridge Holly Andromeda :icone-h-indigo:E-H-Indigo 3 10
         Your smile was a sunrise
         a well disguised double edged device
         used to camouflage your carefully constructed lies
         spun to keep back your lover's discontented cries.
         For unbeknownst to me I became a catalyst
         as my mere mention made your lover fear a tryst.
         To keep at bay impending emotional disaster
         You took position as a plan weaving master:
         If you could successfully create division
         surely you would keep our waning friendship risen
         And in the process
:icone-h-indigo:E-H-Indigo 0 4
Anthony Shannon
    Careless and carefree I consume copious compliments,
    grasping gratefully for similarities between us:
    You were mindfully mysterious (later I learned sinfully secretive),
    selecting specific facts to flirt, only sharing ones which presented commonalities.
    We were musically matched,    
    my wide reportorie reaching from popsicle pop to ornate oldies,
    multiple musicians offering lustrous lyrics - providing sure signs of divine intervention -
    foretelling our future through a mutual soundtrack.
    You seemed serious about us - delivering the gentlemanly guise perfectly -
    slipping sly smiles and sweet salutations only I could see;
    You opened doors, conveniently courting me, evoking emotion by creating
    a broad bond you could manipulate indefinitely.
    Conspiring to loose accusations against my charact
:icone-h-indigo:E-H-Indigo 0 6
V1 Country Soul (1-7-2016) by E-H-Indigo V1 Country Soul (1-7-2016) :icone-h-indigo:E-H-Indigo 0 0


Yoga Girl Sketch by StudioBueno Yoga Girl Sketch :iconstudiobueno:StudioBueno 14 1
Crying Sun - Harry X Luna, Part 3 TEASER
The roar and rush of the trains that flew by always caused the little diner to shake and tremble all the way down to its very foundations.  Even the tables and tea cups would vibrate, and sometimes she’d spill her tea if she wasn’t careful.  But despite all of that, Luna loved the little place.  She sat, sipping her tea and looking out over the rim to watch Harry reading a copy of The Daily Prophet.
The pictures weren’t moving since the diner was muggle-owned, but she could read the headlines on the page that faced her: BRIDGE COLLAPSE: DEATH TOLL RISES and HARRY POTTER: THE CHOSEN ONE?  Her eyes flicked up to study his face, and she noted the calm composure there.  She sighed.  He was brooding again; the set features of his face made that clear.
“Harry,” she said, setting down her teacup.  She reached over with one slender hand and gently pulled down the top of the newspaper so she could see his face
:iconmistressofquills:MistressofQuills 2 7
Emerald Depths - Harry X Luna, Part 2
Dear Harry,
How strange that the summer is almost over, and what a hot summer it has been!  I got your letter only today, so I’m writing right away so that you’ll get it before you leave for Hogwarts.
My father and I went hunting for the Crumple-Horned Snorkack yesterday, but with no luck.  It was fun all the same – he does so enjoy going out to search for his creatures.  I think it puts his mind at ease, at least for a time - what with all that’s been going on, he’s been rather distracted and very busy.  Actually, we were talking about making plans to do a long-term search next summer, in Sweden!  He got quite excited about it, and I do so like to see him happy about something.  We’ll be gone most of the summer if we do end up actually going.  It’s all very exciting!
I’m sure that, knowing you, you’re wondering what I meant about “what’s been going on lately.”  I’ve
:iconmistressofquills:MistressofQuills 2 7
Petals Fall by yuumei Petals Fall :iconyuumei:yuumei 15,211 467 Lines for a Birthday Doodle, Turned Commission! by Oteibilitz Lines for a Birthday Doodle, Turned Commission! :iconoteibilitz:Oteibilitz 6 4 Floating islands by ElenaDudina Floating islands :iconelenadudina:ElenaDudina 4,228 423 Little owl by ElenaDudina Little owl :iconelenadudina:ElenaDudina 1,471 202 [HP] Looking for shoes by Kitsoow [HP] Looking for shoes :iconkitsoow:Kitsoow 236 21 Animagus for You by Yes-I-DiD
Mature content
Animagus for You :iconyes-i-did:Yes-I-DiD 142 39
Kettricken by Ptolemie Kettricken :iconptolemie:Ptolemie 17 4 A Great Spirit of Adventure by PaulHanley A Great Spirit of Adventure :iconpaulhanley:PaulHanley 172 11 October by shiniez
Mature content
October :iconshiniez:shiniez 2,028 151
Commission: Harriet Potter by SneakAttack1221
Mature content
Commission: Harriet Potter :iconsneakattack1221:SneakAttack1221 359 22
Kodi by MgcUsr Kodi :iconmgcusr:MgcUsr 170 18 hey there it's been a while by Picolo-kun hey there it's been a while :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 12,135 180 Day 1428. Boo-quet by Cryptid-Creations Day 1428. Boo-quet :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 6,165 255

What story would you most want to read by summary? 

2 deviants said After leaving an abusive realtionship, Petunia finds herself struggling to raise two children. She's plesantly surprsied when someone from her past begins to help her assmilate to the magical world.
1 deviant said Tom Riddle grew up with the family he always needed. Now he finds himself fighting to protect everyone and everything he's come to love from the last person he expected.
1 deviant said After his death, Sirius finds himself given a second chance. Can he repair the damage between himself and Regulus before history repeats itself?
No deviants said Perhaps the greatest magic Lily Evans expereinced was falling in love with a person who didn't feel he deserved it.
No deviants said After the war Hermione went fully Muggle. She quickly finds herself thrown back into her old life when her son gets accepted to Hogwarts.
No deviants said What if all the people you met weren't by chance, but by fate? That's exactly what the Hogwarts class of 1971 begins to learn as their lives spiral into choas.



E-H-Indigo's Profile Picture
Gemini Warrior
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Currently I work in dispatch and follow up for a company that provides phones, cameras and other technology to mainline stores. We're the middle man when corporate for stores like ULTA wants to have technicians go out and install phone lines! I enjoy it and still fulfill my passion for writing and editing through my Freelance Editing Business.

You can check out my client's first book: The Morderer's Sacrifice at Amazon as a hard copy or e-book!

I also greatly love music and am teaching myself violin again. As well as constantly reading, writing, collecting and enjoying life. I quite enjoy sports, movies, television, but my first and foremost love is nature and architecture!

I am excited to share with you my nature/architecture photography. And to take you on the journey of nerd-self-discovery through my cosplay!




TUMBLR: ehindigo

TUMBLR: ehindigowrites…

FANFICTION: Jazz E. Roisin…



~ Gemini Warrior

Double Feature Friday (20 April 2017)

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 21, 2017, 6:14 AM
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  • Reading: The Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo
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Hello Friends and deviants! 

Welcome to my Friday Feature series:  Double Feature Friday!  I am excited to share deviantArt Groups that I think need recognition, and that you may not know about! If you are a Founder, Co-Founder or Member of a group and you want them to be featured stay tuned till the end of the journal to find out how you can do that! I will not be featuring groups in which I am an admin, unless another group Member recommends them! 

This week I am focusing on two Literature Groups! I often gravitate towards these groups since I am a Writer! Although if you know of any good Photography Groups or Cosplay Groups here on deviantArt please let me know!

Without further adieu today's features groups are :iconxx-book-worms-xx:  and :iconthebackofthebook: 


:bulletpink: :bulletgreen: :bulletpink: :bulletgreen: DOUBLE FEATURE FRIDAY: Xx-Book-Works-xX and TheBackofhteBook :bulletgreen: :bulletpink: :bulletgreen: :bulletpink: 

Xx-Book-Worms-xX   :iconxx-book-worms-xx:  

Xx-Book-Worms-xX is a literature group for all writers hoping to gain experience, mentor other authors, and for those writers hoping to gain exposure for their writing on deviantArt!  The Gallery allows for Member to submit Poetry, Short Stories, Novels, Fanficton, and even related illustrations or artwork in all genres of literature.  

Group Description:
 A group focused on collecting wonderful stories and helping authors gain more experience and inspiration. We welcome all writers, both new and old. If you're looking to get more exposure or find some creative and unique tales to read why not check us out?

The group rules can be found by going to the Home page and scrolling down to the  X Group Rules X  post. The rules are pretty simple and easy to follow! The group does have a zero tolerance policy for harassment or bullying, so if you engage in those behaviors you will be kicked out of the group and blocked. 


:bulletpink:  XxSkullcandy713xX  :iconxxskullcandy713xx: 

Kat is the founder of Xx-Book-Worms-xX! She runs the group, and it's a great place to settle down if you're looking for somewhere to spread your wings as a writer! Below are a few of Kat's deviations.  She is a writer and an artist!  Please also check out her Gallery:  xxskullcandy713xx.deviantart.c…

Missing Memories 

Missing Memories ~ Friendship'Why must this girl follow me around all the time?' A young Rikona asked herself as she wondered the forest, hearing leaves crunch under Yasumi's feet as she followed close behind.
It had been about a month since Rikona arrived at the village and this blue haired girl had taken a shine to her.
She never said much to Rikona, just watched her with that big grin on her face.
"Why are you following me!?" Rikona asked angrily as she spun around to face Yasumi.
Yasumi blinked as if she was wondering what Rikona's sudden outburst was about.
"Well!?" Rikona asked. Yasumi stepped closer and smiled. "Because we're friends!" Yasumi exclaimed.
It was Rikona's turn to blink. 'Friends?' Rikona thought. "What are you talking about? We barley know each other."
"Yeah? Than tell me about yourself." Yasumi replied.
Rikona stayed quiet for a moment.
'No. No way in hell. She's to much like...'
Rikona grimaced at the thought.
"Just go back and leave me be. We are not friends. I'm leaving soon anyway."


:bulletpink:  XxSolarBrushxX  :iconxxsolarbrushxx:

XxSolarBrushxX is the Co-Founder for Xx-Book-Worms-xX! When you visit their gallery you'll find a few art deviations! If you want to give them support please go here:….

Some Friends and I 

Some Friends And I by XxSolarBrushxX

:bulletpink: SkullysFanFics  :iconskullysfanfics:

The Contributor for the group is SkullysFanFics  If you're interested to see what they have please go here:….

Morty's Favorite Present

Morty's Favorite PresentMorty always loved Christmas. What kid didn't? Though a certain someone ruined it for him forever. It happened last year when Jerry had invited some family members over for a Christmas party.
Knowing how Rick and Beth (especially Rick) were alcoholics it was no surprise the eggnog was off limits for Morty and Summer (though that didn't stop Summer from trying to sneak some)
Jerry decided this year it would be good to invite more family members Summer and Morty hadn't seen since they were very little and couldn't remember though this only lead to more people getting drunk after long hours of conversing by the eggnog.
So after opening up all his gifts and seeing as how all there was left to do was sit and watch everyone make fools of themselves Morty decided to go up to his room.
Morty played his new video games for a bit before trying to go to sleep. It was successful at first however later on Morty was awoken by his family members singing (or trying to) jingle bells.
Morty again tried


TheBackOfTheBook  :iconTheBackofhteBook:

TheBackOfTheBook is a Literature Group which focuses on  promoting novels and novellas written by deviants, or promote books suggested by the Members.  This group is also for readers looking for new material, and it a place where you can give and get feedback to make sure your story is being received in the way in which you intend. 

Groups Description: Have you, or do you know someone who has, written a book - whether on deviantart ofr by some means published? Then have a synopsis deviation submitted here! My hope for this group is that is will grow with authors AND readers, to help promote these books and provide writers feedback. 

This groups is for anyone who would like to join, for browsing and/or advertising their books. Request to join are automatic. 

For further submission guidelines please read here: Admins and Guidelines!

You can also find further submission guidelines in the pinned post titled Group Information on the first page. 


:bulletgreen:  autumnlit  :iconautumnlit: 

:devautumlit:  is the founder of :TheBackOfTheBook:! She runs the group by herself, but you'll find it well organized!  You'll also find that her gallery if full writing and photography!  You can visit her gallery here:… .

Weaving the Tide 

weaving the tidethere is no word as prominent as control,
but how can you cross satellite minds
unbound, weighing down the swimmers,
telephone lines and fish hooks,
and altogether unfortunate believers?
I've been cocoon wrapped isolation
trading frequencies through nerve endings;
I always thought I was drowning,
but now I'm just pulling you down
finger tips trace your neckline
brushing your collar bone
lightly stroking strands of hair
soft as an angel's touch
a subtle smile, and a kiss
on your brow to make it sweet
right before the weight of me
falls on you like a boulder
calling on the enemy to keep us safe
to keep these dreams of mine
I always thought I was drowning,
because I wasn't holding the line
with fishing poles made of lace
and yesterday's sunrise
weaves tomorrow's golden rope
to wrap around the lies.


I hope you enjoyed this short feature! If you have any groups you want to see featured please follow the instructions below!


:bulletpink: Submit Using the Comments
:bulletgreen:  State What Kind of Group (Literature, Cosplay, etc) 
:bulletpink:  Provide a Link to the Group Home Page
:bulletgreen: Write a paragraph review of the group which 
reflects your positive experience there. 

If you missed yesterday's journal you can find it using the link below!

~  E-H-Indigo 

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Fast Forward To: Catching Up With E-H: 


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XxSkullcandy713xX Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Student Writer
Hi there! Thank you for joining :iconxx-book-worms-xx: I'm so glad you decided to become a part of our group! I hope you enjoy your stay with us, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me ^^

:bulletgreen: Please look at this -> for information on folders :bulletgreen:

Have fun and enjoy your stay with us at Xx-Book-Worms-xX :D
E-H-Indigo Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi XxSkullcandy713xX !
Thank you for inviting me to your group! I'm curious to know how you found my profile, and am glad to join another group here on dA. I am attempting to run one as well but it's a bit more difficult than I expected.

I'm excited to see what this group has to offer.

~ :devE-H-Indiog:
XxSkullcandy713xX Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Student Writer
Thanks again for joining! If you need any help with your group feel free to ask me ^^ I found some of your work when I was browsing around NaPoWriMo :D
E-H-Indigo Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! 

Well I run a Harry Potter centered fan group on deviantArt. And I am desperately in need of some Admins. So if you, or anyone you know, love Harry Potter, let me know! 

OH wonderful! Thanks for checking out my work. I am thinking about writing some poetry to 'catch up' with NaPoWriMO. It will be a fun challenge. I think I'm already twelve days behind! 
Spite-Sire Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2016
Thanks for badging backღ
E-H-Indigo Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You are quite welcome!
How long have you been on dA. I've been here since early 2005. :-)
Spite-Sire Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016
Awesome yo. I've been around here for about four or five years. I just lurk in the shadows. :p
E-H-Indigo Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I too have been on the site for almost 12 years (since I was 14 i believe). glad you came out of the shadows. hopefully  you'll enjoy my content once I get it up again.
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Darknighthawk Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy birthday!
E-H-Indigo Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! I've had a most wonderful weekend!
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