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Double Feature Friday (20 April 2017)

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 21, 2017, 6:14 AM
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Hello Friends and deviants! 

Welcome to my Friday Feature series:  Double Feature Friday!  I am excited to share deviantArt Groups that I think need recognition, and that you may not know about! If you are a Founder, Co-Founder or Member of a group and you want them to be featured stay tuned till the end of the journal to find out how you can do that! I will not be featuring groups in which I am an admin, unless another group Member recommends them! 

This week I am focusing on two Literature Groups! I often gravitate towards these groups since I am a Writer! Although if you know of any good Photography Groups or Cosplay Groups here on deviantArt please let me know!

Without further adieu today's features groups are :iconxx-book-worms-xx:  and :iconthebackofthebook: 


:bulletpink: :bulletgreen: :bulletpink: :bulletgreen: DOUBLE FEATURE FRIDAY: Xx-Book-Works-xX and TheBackofhteBook :bulletgreen: :bulletpink: :bulletgreen: :bulletpink: 

Xx-Book-Worms-xX   :iconxx-book-worms-xx:  

Xx-Book-Worms-xX is a literature group for all writers hoping to gain experience, mentor other authors, and for those writers hoping to gain exposure for their writing on deviantArt!  The Gallery allows for Member to submit Poetry, Short Stories, Novels, Fanficton, and even related illustrations or artwork in all genres of literature.  

Group Description:
 A group focused on collecting wonderful stories and helping authors gain more experience and inspiration. We welcome all writers, both new and old. If you're looking to get more exposure or find some creative and unique tales to read why not check us out?

The group rules can be found by going to the Home page and scrolling down to the  X Group Rules X  post. The rules are pretty simple and easy to follow! The group does have a zero tolerance policy for harassment or bullying, so if you engage in those behaviors you will be kicked out of the group and blocked. 


:bulletpink:  XxSkullcandy713xX  :iconxxskullcandy713xx: 

Kat is the founder of Xx-Book-Worms-xX! She runs the group, and it's a great place to settle down if you're looking for somewhere to spread your wings as a writer! Below are a few of Kat's deviations.  She is a writer and an artist!  Please also check out her Gallery:  xxskullcandy713xx.deviantart.c…

Missing Memories 

Missing Memories ~ Friendship'Why must this girl follow me around all the time?' A young Rikona asked herself as she wondered the forest, hearing leaves crunch under Yasumi's feet as she followed close behind.
It had been about a month since Rikona arrived at the village and this blue haired girl had taken a shine to her.
She never said much to Rikona, just watched her with that big grin on her face.
"Why are you following me!?" Rikona asked angrily as she spun around to face Yasumi.
Yasumi blinked as if she was wondering what Rikona's sudden outburst was about.
"Well!?" Rikona asked. Yasumi stepped closer and smiled. "Because we're friends!" Yasumi exclaimed.
It was Rikona's turn to blink. 'Friends?' Rikona thought. "What are you talking about? We barley know each other."
"Yeah? Than tell me about yourself." Yasumi replied.
Rikona stayed quiet for a moment.
'No. No way in hell. She's to much like...'
Rikona grimaced at the thought.
"Just go back and leave me be. We are not friends. I'm leaving soon anyway."


:bulletpink:  XxSolarBrushxX  :iconxxsolarbrushxx:

XxSolarBrushxX is the Co-Founder for Xx-Book-Worms-xX! When you visit their gallery you'll find a few art deviations! If you want to give them support please go here:….

Some Friends and I 

Some Friends And I by XxSolarBrushxX

:bulletpink: SkullysFanFics  :iconskullysfanfics:

The Contributor for the group is SkullysFanFics  If you're interested to see what they have please go here:….

Morty's Favorite Present

Morty's Favorite PresentMorty always loved Christmas. What kid didn't? Though a certain someone ruined it for him forever. It happened last year when Jerry had invited some family members over for a Christmas party.
Knowing how Rick and Beth (especially Rick) were alcoholics it was no surprise the eggnog was off limits for Morty and Summer (though that didn't stop Summer from trying to sneak some)
Jerry decided this year it would be good to invite more family members Summer and Morty hadn't seen since they were very little and couldn't remember though this only lead to more people getting drunk after long hours of conversing by the eggnog.
So after opening up all his gifts and seeing as how all there was left to do was sit and watch everyone make fools of themselves Morty decided to go up to his room.
Morty played his new video games for a bit before trying to go to sleep. It was successful at first however later on Morty was awoken by his family members singing (or trying to) jingle bells.
Morty again tried


TheBackOfTheBook  :iconTheBackofhteBook:

TheBackOfTheBook is a Literature Group which focuses on  promoting novels and novellas written by deviants, or promote books suggested by the Members.  This group is also for readers looking for new material, and it a place where you can give and get feedback to make sure your story is being received in the way in which you intend. 

Groups Description: Have you, or do you know someone who has, written a book - whether on deviantart ofr by some means published? Then have a synopsis deviation submitted here! My hope for this group is that is will grow with authors AND readers, to help promote these books and provide writers feedback. 

This groups is for anyone who would like to join, for browsing and/or advertising their books. Request to join are automatic. 

For further submission guidelines please read here: Admins and Guidelines!

You can also find further submission guidelines in the pinned post titled Group Information on the first page. 


:bulletgreen:  autumnlit  :iconautumnlit: 

:devautumlit:  is the founder of :TheBackOfTheBook:! She runs the group by herself, but you'll find it well organized!  You'll also find that her gallery if full writing and photography!  You can visit her gallery here:… .

Weaving the Tide 

weaving the tidethere is no word as prominent as control,
but how can you cross satellite minds
unbound, weighing down the swimmers,
telephone lines and fish hooks,
and altogether unfortunate believers?
I've been cocoon wrapped isolation
trading frequencies through nerve endings;
I always thought I was drowning,
but now I'm just pulling you down
finger tips trace your neckline
brushing your collar bone
lightly stroking strands of hair
soft as an angel's touch
a subtle smile, and a kiss
on your brow to make it sweet
right before the weight of me
falls on you like a boulder
calling on the enemy to keep us safe
to keep these dreams of mine
I always thought I was drowning,
because I wasn't holding the line
with fishing poles made of lace
and yesterday's sunrise
weaves tomorrow's golden rope
to wrap around the lies.


I hope you enjoyed this short feature! If you have any groups you want to see featured please follow the instructions below!


:bulletpink: Submit Using the Comments
:bulletgreen:  State What Kind of Group (Literature, Cosplay, etc) 
:bulletpink:  Provide a Link to the Group Home Page
:bulletgreen: Write a paragraph review of the group which 
reflects your positive experience there. 

If you missed yesterday's journal you can find it using the link below!

~  E-H-Indigo 

Rewind To: Story Corner Stephen King: Story Corner Stephen King (20 April 2017)

Fast Forward To: Catching Up With E-H: 

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SkullysFanFics Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Aww thanks for featuring us!!! :D :hug:
E-H-Indigo Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You're quite welcome! I'm hoping to come into contact with some more groups on deviantArt if only for the purpose of advertising them! 
XxSkullcandy713xX Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  Student Writer
Gah! I was not expecting this! Thank you so much for featuring my group and my friends dearie! It was very sweet of you to do so! :la: :glomp: :heart:

To pay it forward, I'd like to recommend :iconocs-and-fcs-unite: it's a group all about Oc's and Fc's. It's been around for about one year and is still a fairly small group but it's a fun place for new deviants to get inspiration from :D Thanks again for the feature :tighthug::happybounce: :squee:
E-H-Indigo Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You're quite welcome! I'm trying to feature groups once a month, to see if I can help them get more exposure. Thanks for the recommendation! I will save it down for another feature! 
XxSolarBrushxX Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, wow - thanks for featuring us! ^^
E-H-Indigo Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You are quite welcome! I am looking forward to featuring and coming into contacts with some other groups! As well as being more active in ones I'm in!
XxSolarBrushxX Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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